A downloadable game for Windows

This is my submission for One Game a Month for June 2016. It is a working prototype, with the majority of features that i intended to implement. Art assets are minimal, but will be updated in the future.

You play as a apprentice wizard, who must prove his worth to his master. The final test is administered on a Hex based battle ground, with living crystals. You will face off against skeletons and enemy wizards

You will need to move from tile to tile, taking advantage of buffs while dodging attacks

Blue crystals will recover your health each turn
Red crystals will make your spells do more damage

Crystals will change position every five turns, but only after you activate their benefits

Left click on red hexes to move
press tab to select different enemies
scroll the camera with WASD or Arrow keys

Royalty free music from BenSound.com
sound effects from SoundBible.com


Sigl WarriorsV1_Build.zip 12 MB

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